Our Constitution | Nilera İlaç Eczacılık Kozmetik Ürünleri A.Ş.


  • Customer is our most important reason for being.
  • Customer is the person who brings more customers or causes lose of customers.
  • Customer is the person whose needs must be identified and must be taken care of all the time.
  • Customer is the person who must be content after the product or service is sold.
  • Customer satisfaction is a must for making a difference, being ahead of the competitors, expanding and making profit.
  • All customers have the right of getting quality product and service.
  • All NILERA staff is responsible for customer satisfaction.
  • All customers are provided with equal, excellent service.
  • Customer health and life standard is important for us.
  • Being privileged is our customer right, the responsibility of which belongs to us.
  • All customers have the right to complain about the products or services they use.