Human Resources | Nilera İlaç Eczacılık Kozmetik Ürünleri A.Ş.


Our Policy of Human Resources

The main policy of NILERA is to become the model company in the field with its principle of world class human resources management. NILERA values its staff, acts fairly, shares its success; NILERA is a reliable company.
NILERA provides the necessary conditions for its staff to improve themselves and accomplish their goals. Creating opportunities for its staff and supporting them is the most important key for NILERA to achieve its vision.
Here are the Nilera Human Resources management principles
  • 1. Practicing the human resources management according to the requirements of the field in the most efficient way and make it support the company objectives and performance.
  • 2. Becoming a model company with its practice in human resources, employing quality work labor, improving and sustaining this labor
  • 3. Following the best practices in Nilera and in the field to improve Nilera and to carry the company further.

Job Application Form

Please complete the form to apply for a job at NILERA. You can add your existing, up-to-date CV by clicking the “Browse” button to submit an application to NILERA.