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Nilera Baby

Product Features
Nilera baby consisting of 60% glycerin moisturizes the skin excellently and regains the water loss. It also includes coconut oil and palm oil. It makes use of coconut oil’s high moisturizing power and E vitamin in palm oil. There is no irrigative element in the product.

Area of Use
A recommendable product for over sensitive skins and allergic skin for adults, and for atopic situations such as heads, skin rubbing, heat rash for babies.

Preparation and Application
For adults; apply on daily basis. Use it twice, once in morning and once in evening. Don’t keep it on the skin, rinse right away.

For babies; do not use any cosmetics directly on your baby. You should first rub the products such as shampoos, creams, massage oils in your hand and then use it for your baby.

This is valid for Nilera baby as well. You can use the product as explained above while your baby is having a shower. According to pediatric doctors, you must not wipe your baby with wipe napkin.

We recommend you to foam Nilera baby in warm water and wipe your baby with paper napkins. Don’t forget that this is the most appropriate production for your baby.

Warnings and Precautions
Follow the area of use. Keep it from direct sunlight and moisture. Use it after three months for babies.

Resale Price
275.00 ₺