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Nilera Lemon

Product Features
Nilera Lemon consists of citric acid which is lemon oil and it is designed for severe acne. It dries the oil layer on the acne with citric acid. It moisturizes the dried skin again with its 50% glycerin and regains the water and moisture. It also includes coconut oil and palm oil. It makes use of coconut oil’s high moisturizing power and E vitamin in palm oil.

Area of Use
A recommendable product for eternal use while shifting to isotretinoin based products. Appropriate for severe acne.

Preparation and Application
Apply on daily basis. Use it twice, once in morning and once in evening. Don’t keep it on the skin, rinse right away.

Warnings and Precautions
Due to its dense citric acid, in rare cases, it might cause allergy on the skin and irritate the skin. Consult your doctor in such a case. Follow the area of use. Keep it from direct sunlight and moisture.

Resale Price
275.00 ₺