Nilera Ocean | Nilera İlaç Eczacılık Kozmetik Ürünleri A.Ş.

Nilera Ocean

Product Features
Nilera Ocean, with its ocean water, weed essence and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is designed for blackheads and oily skins. With its 50% glycerin, it is a dense moisturizer and PH balancer. It contains coconut oil and palm oil. It makes use of coconut oil’s high moisturizing power and E vitamin in palm oil.

Area of Use
It is excellent in opening skin pores, skin sanitary, and relief of the skin. Its local acne performance is excellent.

Preparation and Application
Apply on daily basis. Use it twice, once in morning and once in evening. Don’t keep it on the skin, rinse right away.

Warnings and Precautions
Follow area of use. Keep it from direct sunlight and moisture.

Resale Price
275.00 ₺